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Our Policies

Online Booking Fees

Please note that a small fee will be applied when you make an online booking using a credit card. This fee covers the costs associated with secure processing and verifying the transaction. The exact amount of the fee may vary depending on the booking amount.

Health & Safety

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our guests is our top priority. Our health and safety procedures are designed to maintain high sanitisation measures while maintaining high cleaning standards across our holiday park.

Electric Vehicles

At Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park, we strive for a comfortable and environmentally friendly experience for our guests. As part of this commitment, we offer essential guidelines for charging an electric vehicle (EV) during your visit.

Legal Considerations

It's important for our guests to be aware that running a household lead through a window or doorway for charging an electric vehicle is illegal. This practice not only poses safety hazards but also violates legal regulations. We kindly remind our guests to adhere to these laws to maintain safety and uphold environmental standards.

Charging Facilities

We've identified convenient locations near our premises to facilitate your EV charging needs. The closest EV charging station to Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park is located across the road, Te Puia (Hemo Rd, Rotorua 3010), and is readily available. Additionally, there's another station located down the road at New World West End (247 Old Taupo Road, Hillcrest).

Your cooperation in following EV charging guidelines is greatly valued. Should you require assistance locating nearby EV charging facilities or have any questions, our dedicated team is here to help throughout your stay. Thank you for your commitment to sustainability!


If you have any questions about these policies, please email us at or call reception at 07 346 3140.

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